Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Shooting" Wildlife

In light of the recent cruel and senseless killing of a majestic, not to mention gorgeous lion, I feel compelled to title this article ""Shooting" Wildlife" because frankly, wielding a camera is the only kind of shooting that should be done when it comes to the magnificent creatures that roam this planet with us.  But I digress...

In an earlier post (Don't Try This at Home...) about an encounter with a rather large wolf on display in front of the Petco near my house, I talked about the wolves that live at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. What I didn't know is that they not only provide sanctuary for wolves, but also for (very cute) little red foxes, Australian Dingos (who give kisses freely) and Singing Dogs (yes, they really do sing!). Add to that the many arctic wolves and high content wolf dogs and you have a plethora of beautiful animals all within the same facility.  While it's not really "freedom" for these animals, it is their forever home and they are well cared for in very large enclosures where they are free to run and carouse with their enclosure mates and neighbors in the next enclosure over and they no longer have to worry about fending for themselves or being abused by ignorant humans.

Red Fox

Australian Dingo
Singing Dog

I recently visited the sanctuary to do what amounted to be a private photography tour for myself and another photographer friend.  We had quite the experience.  Photographing wild animals up close and personal is something not a lot of people get to do.  Further, how many people can say they've been kissed by a Dingo or sung to by a dog?  For that matter, how many can say they've been loved on by a ginormous Arctic Wolf?  The encounters of this day were nothing short of amazing and truly a once in a lifetime happening.

Arctic Wolf

High Content Wolf Dog

If you get the chance, please do visit the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary for your own amazing experience.  Ask for Leyton.  He was a very patient, knowledgable guide and told us what to expect and how to behave inside the enclosures.  After all, they really are wild animals. That said, the only "weapon" you'll need for shooting these wild animals is your camera.

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